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alchemicallove's Journal

~Alchemical Love~ A Slash FMA RPG
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Alchemical Love~!

Alchemical Love~!

Alchemical Love is a Fullmetal Alchemist Slash RPG for both Yaoi and Yuri. It follows the Anime, due to the fact that not as many people are familiar with the manga. Please note that the movie is not included.

It runs on a different system/style of Role-Playing. Each post made to this community is one RP. The initiatior may decide if it's open to every one or only to certain characters and may change it whenever they please. Any replies to the RP are to be directed to the main post and not the previous person's comment, to avoid page stretching.

Alchemical Love~!


~ See this post o help you understand things more.
~ Please JOIN the community before posting anything.
~ BE NICE! Come on, do I really have to put this here???
~ Only post RPs. If needed to go out of character, please delete the post after the matter has benn resolved.
~ Follow all formats. Disobey this rule thrice and you will be banned.
~ You are not required to LINK BACK but it would be nice if you would. Also, please refer/promote this community to others. ^w^
~ If you want to AFFILIATE, go here.
~ Do not DIRECT LINK anything on this community.

-Apllying for your character-

~Be sure to check the list to see whether the character you want is still available.
~Follow the application form.
~Post all charecter applications here.
~Please put 'Ed is so short' (if your character is a girl) and 'Roy is so cool' (if your character is a boy) as the subject, so I know you read the ruels.


~Please do not post in the RP unless your character's is stated or it is open to all.
~Do not post OOC messages. If it is reguard to the RP, you may put the sentence is double brackets, but there must also be a roleplay in that reply.
~No God-moding.
~As much as possible, stay in character.


Character Application

Role-Play Openings

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Winry Rockbell ::
Pinako Rockbell ::
Rose ::
Lyra ::
Gracia Hues ::
Catherine Armstrong ::
Paninya ::
Rick ::
Leo ::
Psiren ::

Edward Elric ::
Roy Mustang :: dieux
Riza Hawkeye ::
Maes Hughes ::
Alexander Louise Armstrong ::
Jean Havoc ::
Cain Fury ::
Maria Ross ::
Heymans Breda ::
Vato Falman ::
Denny Brosh ::
Sheska ::

Alphonse Elric ::
Russel Tringham ::
Fletcher Tringham ::
Izumi Curtis ::
Hoenheim Elric ::

Gluttony ::
Envy ::
Wrath ::
Pride ::
Greed ::
Sloth ::

Barry the Chopper ::
Scar ::
Frank Archer ::
Zolf J. Kimblee ::
Martel ::
Roa ::
Dolcetto ::
Biddo ::
Dante ::